Healthy Air

The average adult breathes over 3000 gallons of air per day. Children breathe even more air; and are more susceptible to air pollutants.  We provide healthy air by sticking to the slogan: “Build tight, and ventilate right.”

Safe & Secure

Our homes feature both safety and security that far exceed nearly all other methods of construction, including steel framing, wood framing, masonry, brick cladding, and Structural Insulated Panels.

Allergies and sensitivities, asthma and many other health conditions seem to be on the rise; and the effects are more than irritating! The American Lung Association writes “Poor indoor air quality can cause or contribute to the development of infections, lung cancer and chronic lung diseases such as asthma”; and “…indoor air can be even more polluted than the air outdoors.”

Diabetes and other conditions reduce circulation, so cold floors and drafts cause extreme discomfort.

Aging reduces our mobility, and some folks dread using portions of their home because of ineffective design. Expensive remodels are done to (barely) accommodate walkers and wheelchairs.

We spend so much of our time indoors; perhaps it is high time consider how our homes affect our health.

There are at least 4 ways our homes can affect our health, both negatively and positively.

While every home we do is a healthy home, specific symptoms or conditions can be addressed to uniquely tailor your home to your particular needs.

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