A calm household exudes harmony and tranquility.

Remember that noise is simply high speed vibration.

Reductions in sound transfer are a result of reductions in vibration. The lack of sound and vibration is especially highlighted in an ICF home by R-Value when it is windy outside. Our clients are often blissfully unaware of thunderstorms or high winds unless they are looking out a window. Some describe it as a surreal experience, since the only sense that tells you it is windy is your vision, not feeling or hearing. Slamming doors and rambunctious children are not felt through the entire house. One family even reported that when a redi-mix truck was mixing three feet from the house while pouring their driveway; they didn’t even have to turn up the television!

A further way that an R-Value home reduces noise is through a thoughtful design of the Heating, Ventilating, And Cooling (HVAC) (link to HVAC Design page) system; designed to run very low for longer periods. Such HVAC systems do not repeatedly cycle on obtrusively interrupting your conversation or movie.

When each of these technologies are integrated as a system, the synergy gives you, the homeowner the most important aspect of comfort that you never thought you wanted:  calm peace and quiet rest.


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